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Tel Aviv’s International Ballet School, inspiring students to fulfill their highest potential within a multicultural and international environment while specializing in teaching ballet in 2 language sections


Created in 2017 by Nicolas Barez and opened to meet the demand of Internationals living in Tel Aviv and surroundings, we aim to provide the highest level of ballet training for our students. This is a matchless opportunity for children and adults to learn the French classical ballet technique in a multicultural and international environment.



The school specializes in teaching ballet in 2 language sections; Hebrew and English/French. Those 2 sections merge into a single English-speaking section for dancers of age 12, offering a unique multicultural, international curriculum. A smooth transition is already taking place at earlier age, preparing each student for that amazing opportunity. This is our core value and we’re calling ourselves The Center of International Dancers.


We believe that to develop truly as a dance artist, you must be able to express individuality. At the school, we will encourage students to develop their own sense of style within their studies for them to become true performers with impeccable technique. We promote a disciplined work ethic by pushing students beyond their preconceived limitations.


We place much importance on educating students in an understanding of the body and movement and how to work with their bodies in order to prevent injuries.

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