For dancers of 6-7 years old

A placement class is required

Ballet takes the student into the world of classical music and teaches discipline and grace. French technique-based training is starting in this level, teaching correct placement and knowledge of the body as a fine instrument. The class will be declined with an introduction of exercises at the barre and in the center, using repetition to increase strength, flexibility and coordination. Students will gain understanding and appreciate for ballet as an art and will learn to express themselves through movement in classical music.

A “dance notebook” is introduced for the students to increase their knowledge about steps, positions, ballet culture and so on.

   Pre Ballet

For the little ones of 3 years old

   Level I

For boys and girls of 4-5 years old

   Level III

For aspiring dancers of 8 to 10 years

   Adult Division

Fueling passion of dance and fitness




Placement class/Audition






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"I have two daughters in the International Ballet School of TLV and so far I am very happy with their progress and with the structure of the classes. This is the third school we have tried, and it’s by far the best and most professional. My daughter’s come out of class and don’t just show me moves….they show me techniques and exactly what goes into each thing they do in order to look good doing it (like presenting the ankle, making sure their 4 points are square..etc)
Another thing worth mentioning is Nicolas’s warmth as a teacher. My younger daughter isn’t the friendliest child, and has quit a few chugim where she didn’t like the teacher. After her third lesson, she’s really started to warm up to him, and now she tells me that he’s funny and is excited every week to go to his class. This might not seem like a big deal, but trust me, she is not easy to please!"

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