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The training is specially designed to help each student improving their needed skills. All classes will be taught using the French Classical Ballet Style.


Until the student reaches the age of 12, two language sections are available. Each dancer needs to register either in the Hebrew section or the English/French section and can take extra classes in another language section. From 12+ years old, the students will continue improving their technique in a single language section and all classes will be taught in English.


The student’s placement is decided in accordance with their level and age, and in the case the level is different than the age, the student will be placed in the appropriate group.

   Pre Ballet

For the little ones of 3 years old

   Level I

For boys and girls of 4-5 years old

   Level II

For dancers of 6-7 years old

   Level III

For aspiring dancers of 8 to 10 years

   Adult Division

Fueling passion of dance and fitness

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2021-2022 open
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